Spaghetti Dinner with CommunityConnect

03/01/2017 02:03Author Jennifer Koth

ODC’s Tuesday night CommunityConnect group recently made a big spaghetti dinner for 14 residents at Acorn Apartments in Wisconsin Rapids! Through CommunityConnect, these hard-working guys hook up in the evening for social outings and volunteer opportunities, as they are all employed in “day jobs”. Each of them had a job to do that evening: Jordan (center) made the noodles, sauce and meatballs. (He wanted to be the cook because, as he said, “My mom doesn’t let me because I might burn the house down!”) Casey (left) did the dishes, and Nick cleared the tables.

A good meal - and a good time - were had by all! “It was really nice to have a home-cooked meal, and to have someone cook for us,” said Jon, an Acorn Apartments resident. “And, it was really good!”