Laundry Team Leader

Summary of Position

Facility: Portage County Healthcare Center - Stevens Point, WI
Status: Part-time

Performs all laundry operations while overseeing and supporting other laundry workers.

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Education & Experience

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities / Essential Functions

1.            Complete various laundry tasks including: sorting; washing; drying and folding clean linens.


2.            Operate washing and drying machines.


3.            Label all personal items.


4.            Provide direct guidance and support to Laundry Employees.


5.            Observe precautionary measures and procedures related to safety and infectious disease protocols.


6.            Monitor employee breaks.


7.            Maintain a clean and safe work environment.


8.            Never leave Health Care Center premises during scheduled work hours.


9.            Attend Laundry Employee meetings as scheduled.


10.         Report Maintenance concerns to proper channel at Health Care Center.


11.         Consult with Director of Employment Services on issues, ideas, or concerns regarding the overall laundry operations.


12.         Complete a timely verbal and written report to Health Care Center concerning any noticeable building or equipment safety hazards. If the safety hazard presents an imminent threat to the health, safety, or well being of clients or staff, then promptly initiate any necessary corrective actions and contact your supervisor as soon as possible.

Physical Requirements

1.            Ability to follow instructions.


2.            Ability to work both independently and in a team environment.


3.            Ability to maintain a positive working relationship with co-workers and lead in a positive manner.


4.            Ability to motivate employees.


5.            Must be 18 years of age or older.


6.            Ability to demonstrate good work ethic, good hygiene, and positive attitude.


7.            Ability to stand, sit, bend, stoop, and safely lift 25 pounds.


8.            Must present a clean or acceptable Criminal Background Record and satisfactory proof of non-communicable or non-contagious diseases as required by the State of Wisconsin, Division of Regulations & Licensing.

Reports to:

Responsible for:

Laundry Workers